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'Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS' – September 2016

NHS England has recently announced a consultation process for 'Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS' the document explaining this matter can be accessed here: Managing conflicts of interest in the NHS

There are some conflicts of interest that may arise and affect the profession and LCA has no objection to the process of reviewing and increasing transparency in these areas.

Please find a statement from FIPO below:

FIPO Statement

The Royal College of Surgeons have also made a short statement and can be seen via the link below.
Statement on Conflicts of Interest and Private Practice

You may give your views on this via the link below.
Consultant Hub

Competition Commission provisional report 2013

The provisional report of the Competition Commission has concentrated on macroeconomics of the hospital/insurance market. The LCA is disappointed that the question of patient detriment has been largely ignored as has the economic impact of certain insurers are having on consultant practice.

The LCA has made two submissions to the Competition Commission and will continue to reinforce its views at the commission. The final report is anticipated in January 2014.

Competition Commission Market Study

The Competition Commission Market Study has now commenced. Information about this can be accessed on the Competition Commission site which is here

The initial issues paper from the Competition Commission has defined certain potential areas of "harm".

The LCA has been approached by the Commission with a series of questions and has submitted a report. For details of the report click here…

The LCA is committed to the quality agenda, the independence for consultants and choice and the highest possible standard for patients. We will be working with the Competition Commission and also through FIPO to promote these ideals in the best possible manner.

The OFT Report
– April 2012

The OFT report has now been published and you can read it here.

This report discusses the asymmetries of information which the OFT perceive as an issue.  The OFT have looked at the consultant/patient relationship in terms of a cost quality equation.  Other issues raised were over fee transparency incentivisation and certain matters relating to anaesthetic fees.

The LCA has given evidence to the OFT and will also be submitting evidence to the Competition Commission Inquiry which has now been recommended by the OFT.  The LCA's position on incentivisation is being discussed as this varies in its application.  The production of quality information is something the LCA will support.  The fee transparency and giving patients an estimate of fees has always been part of the LCA recommendations.

Office of Fair Trading announce a Market Study
– January 2011

The OFT will be carrying out a Market Study in to various aspects of independent healthcare. A scoping exercise in to the extent of the study was announced for January 2011 and the Study will begin in February. The LCA has made a submission about the study and will be monitoring progress and hopefully supplying further evidence as this matter evolves.

Changes in BUPA Insurance recognition for new consultants
– July 2010

BUPA Insurance have announced a change in recognition of new consultants.


Insurers Maintain Pressure on Consultants
– May 2010

AXA PPP have written to many senior consultants asking them to adhere to a fixed fee schedule which is the same as that imposed on newly appointed consultants in 2008. Those failing to acquiesce to AXA PPPs request have been told that their patients may be referred elsewhere when seeking preauthorisation from the insurer. The LCA has repeatedly opposed these restrictive actions of the insurers and do not believe that this PPP strategy is in the best interests of the patient. The LCA is actively supporting FIPO in its attempts to reverse this process. More details can be seen on the FIPO website.

Click here for more information (

A Press Release from HMRC over Non-Compliant Consultants
– January 2010

In January 2010 HMRC announced a plan to engage with doctors and dentists over tax compliance. Following this in June 2010 HMRC had further discussions with the profession, including the London Consultants’ Association to announce that they had clawed back around £9 Million from doctors and dentists. Details of the numbers of professionals involved were not made clear. All consultants should seek advice from their accountants about tax issues.

BMI & Nuffield Health cut radiologists fees
– February 2009

BMI and Nuffield hospitals have simultaneously announced a cut back in radiologists fees…


Doctors and Fraud...
- August 2008

More allegations against consultants and the creation of a database for private medical insurers are discussed... here...

Tax on Cars for Independent Practitioners
July 2008

There has been a recent question raised by the Inland Revenue in Scotland about consultants who claim part or all of their car expenses against their private practice. There have been suggestions that the revenue might wish to recoup these tax allowances retrospectively. This matter is being dealt with by a small group of medical accountants, the HCSA and the Chairman of the LCA. Further reports will be forthcoming.

Changes at BUPA
July 2008

Dr Natalie J Macdonald assumes a new role at BUPA Insurance as Managing Director of BUPA’s UK Membership Business. For more information click here:

Healthcare Commission - New regulatory Fees and Consultation over the future of Independent Healthcare
April 2008

The Healthcare Commission has written to us about their new charges and has also invited comments about the future regulation of the independent sector. Please go to the members’ area for a recent update and briefing.

BUPA and AXA/PPP Networks in Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics
- Updated April 2008

The AXA/PPP ophthalmic network is floundering in the London as very few small hospitals are currently recognised and all major independents, including Moorfields’ private wing, are not recognised. This has caused considerable distress to patients and consultants alike. It is hoped that AXA/PPP will soon be negotiating further packages with hospitals, but, at the moment, there has been no direct approach to consultants.

The BUPA network for ophthalmology has largely folded, but BUPA are now approaching groups of orthopaedic surgeons to try and set up local arrangements with specific care plans. Details of this are unclear”.

Your Views

If you have any views or questions on the issues related here or anything else please send them through to our offices by clicking here. We will treat all submissions in confidence if requested.

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