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Revalidation Update – July 2012

All consultants should now connect to their Responsible Officer through the GMC on line system. Fully independent consultants will connect to the Responsible Officer in the independent hospital where they do most work.

Responsible Officer linkages and enhanced appraisal for all consultants.

In terms of enhanced appraisal the LCA is now working with FIPO in its new subgroup (FIPO-CAppS) to carry out appraisal. This will be offered at concessionary rates to LCA members. It should be noted that 20% of consultants will now go forward for revalidation in 2012 and will be required to have had at least one approved new appraisal plus one MSF (Multisource Feedback).

All this can be arranged through the LCA/FIPO office and for further details contact Linda Hulks, Administrator at 020 7222 0975.

Further details about revalidation and appraisal can be seen on the FIPO website here

Revalidation – Implications in the Independent Sector for Consultant Appraisal
– January 2011

Responsible Officers have now been appointed throughout the UK. In the acute hospital independent sector the Responsible Officers are either the Medical Directors or new appointees. Consultants without any NHS affiliation but private hospital practising privileges will report to the Responsible Officer in the hospital (or group) where they do most work. NHS consultants will report to their Trust Responsible Officer but will be expected to take forward to their appraisal within the Trust all the details of their work in the independent sector.

Independent hospitals will not provide appraisals (except for RMOs and doctors who they employ) and so consultants with practising privileges will need to get their appraisal in an outside approved system. The LCA has run appraisals for many years but some fully independent consultants obtained their appraisal via a “buddy”, a system which will no longer be allowed. The need for a new national scheme of appraisal is thus apparent and the LCA scheme, whilst previously acceptable, must now be upgraded to take in to account Strengthened Medical Appraisal.

The LCA Board of Trustees is now working with FIPO to develop a new structure and to that end the LCA is keen to appoint and train appraisers. Two training sessions have already been held under the auspices of the NHS Revalidation Support Team and more are planned. In addition a Pilot Study of the new appraisal procedure is starting in March/April 2011.

LCA members and others are invited to register as appraisers and also to enter as appraisees in to the Pilot Study. The appraisals carried out in the Pilot Study will incur no charges to the appraisee and will count towards the real process of Revalidation which is scheduled to start in 2012.

Please contact the LCA office for more details

More details about Revalidation can be seen here


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