Introduction to Independent Medicine in London and the UK,
Information for Patients

If you want to learn something about private medical care in the UK then please browse the following pages.

London is a recognised international medical centre with a large concentration of university and teaching hospitals as well as many specialist postgraduate hospitals, which deal with specific diseases. Nearly all of these have private wings for the treatment of non-NHS patients and those from abroad.

An important feature of the United Kingdom (UK) healthcare system is that most leading consultants also work in the independent (private) sector and are available for private consultation, treatment and surgery. These specialists may consult in their own rooms (offices) or from a large selection of well-equipped private hospitals.

On this site we provide links to the major independent hospitals in London and in addition a method by which consultants in different specialties may be found.

However, if you have not previously used the private medical system in the United Kingdom you may wish to look at the following pages.

Further Information

For further information about medical insurance and private medical care in general download this leaflet produced by CHF, a federation of charity hospitals.

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