The Association of Independent Radiologists was founded in 2001 following informal meetings between consultant radiologists from around the UK. AIR has conducted surveys on consultant opinion and fee structures, it has made presentations at various meetings and it has held a number of meetings for radiologists.

News in Brief

BMI Unilateral Action on Radiology Fees
(February 2009)

BMI have recently announced that they have unilaterally set a national fee structure for radiologists’ fees

BMI Hospitals and Radiological Fees
(March 2008)

There appears to be a move within the BMI Independent hospital group to unilaterally renegotiate radiological fees. AIR will be pursuing this issue and will be writing out to lead clinicians. Consultant radiologists who feel threatened by this approach should discuss this within their department and may contact AIR at air@london-consultants.org.

BUPA Insurance New “Initiatives”

FIPO and the Association of Independent Radiologists carried out a survey of consultant radiologists and just over 900 from around the UK were sent a questionnaire. Over one third responded and the results can be seen here:

AIR has recently undertaken a fee survey - in both private hospitals and private NHS units. Fees for 16 radiological procedures, including X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI were surveyed and the responses showed considerable differences...

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